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Tobias Beach or Natural? Pioneer Woman reports on Tobias Green Installation

Ree Drummond (Poioneer Woman) reports with quaint Americana charm about using Tobias Green Interior Wall Finish to dress up a space that has it's own quaint charm.

Tobias Durability & Design - ‘Green’ in any Flavor: Wall Finish Brings Zing to Louisiana Restoration Project

“One” is the loneliest number, goes the old hit song by Three Dog Night. “One” got a more positive spin when Pepsi came out with its one-calorie cola some time later. But for something really groovy (’60s), awesome (’90s), or hot (2000s), how about the “One” from Tobias Green...

Tobias Green’s Interior Wall Finish, shown here in an application at the St. Bernard Parish Civic Center in Louisiana, is described as “a sumptuous alternative to paint or plaster” that can be applied with various techniques to achieve a variety of textures. Image courtesy of David J. L’Hoste/DJLphoto.com
That’s “one” as in “one gram of VOC” per liter.

It doesn’t get much greener than that, to put it in the current language of the school of environmentally responsible design and construction.

But that lonely gram of VOC in the Tobias Green Interior Wall Finish is just part of the story, say the company’s couple-in-chief, Roz and Randolph Johnson. The company, based in Santa Rosa, Calif., says its flagship interior-finish creation features a unique mineral-based composition that is virtually odor free and contains no resins, additives, or other ingredients derived from petrochemicals.

The visual effects delivered by the finish—a troweled-on material that comes in a range of integrally colored, multi-pigmented shades—are showcased in a recently completed project near New Orleans. There, the product was applied to interior portions of the St. Bernard Parish Civic Center, as part of a restoration program in the wake of the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Tobias Green describes the product as a mold-resistant, color-fast mixture that offers “a sumptuous alternative to paint or plaster and can be applied with various techniques to achieve a variety of textures.”

The application of the stucco finish was the work of Southern Stucco Inc., based in Baton Rouge. The Tobias wall finish, says Southern Stucco president Wayne Noble, earned points for ease of use, absence of odor, and overall application characteristics. He notes that the finish can be applied in closed interior spaces.

Noble says the product might be thought of as something between Venetian plaster and a conventional interior plaster in terms of consistency and application characteristics. Venetian plaster is typically more complex in its application, sometimes requiring multiple troweling steps, while the TobiasGreen stucco is a one-pass product.

Southern Stucco’s scope of work on the project included demolition and repair of portions of damaged interior walls, which were composed of a lime plaster. The wall finish was applied to second- and third-floor walls in the civic center lobby.

The job required extensive scaffolding, with spray application and “laydown” of the still-wet finish with troweling. Two metallic-effect colors were applied, in green and bronze shades.

The job presented some logistical challenges, due to the angle of the interior lobby wall’s “buildout,” extending progressively outward as the elevation rises.

“It was easy to install, and I would recommend it,” Noble says of the wall finish.

The general contractor for the restoration program was Gibbs Construction, New Orleans. The project was directed by the architecture firm Perez, headquartered in New Orleans with offices in New York, Chicago, and several other cities.

Tobias Green describes the wall finish as a “proprietary blend of various materials in a water base” that is non-toxic; odor-free; resistant to mold, mildew, and fading; and can be machine applied to primed substrates of various types. The finish offers elastomeric properties, can be used to create “multiple rich textures,” and can be used over architectural accents, the company says.

“Relying on the inexhaustible color palette” of “creator and artist” Randolph Johnson, the finish delivers “a broad spectrum of integrated multi-pigmented shades,” the company says in expounding on its proprietary product.

And then there’s the zero VOCs—well, maybe just that lonely number “One.”

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Tobias SuCasa - Green's Anatomy

The Emerald Home in Santa Fe reaches the ambitious goal of carbon neutrality, delivering a triple threat of green inspiration, technical innovation, and exceptional beauty.


Tobias Treehugger - Design & Architecture

If your a serous treehugger addiict, you probably already know a little about lime and its importance in the long history of human architecture. Recent years have seen not only builders but also artists go at it again and experiment all sort of things..

Tobias Green Interior Wall Finish Selected as a GoingGreen Top 100 Winner

Tobias Green Interior Wall Finishes, Inc., a green building materials company, committed to inspiring design and building professionals towards conscientious environmental practices in their selection of decorative finishes, today announced that it has been chosen by AlwaysOn as one of the GoingGreen Top 100 Winners...


Tobias Green Interior Wall Finish Selected by AlwaysOn as a GoingGreen Top 100 Winner.

Recognized for game-changing technology & market value. Santa Rosa, CA - 9.16.09

Tobias Green Interior Wall Finish, Inc., a green building materials company, committed to inspiring design and building professionals towards conscientious environmental practices in their selection of decorative finishes, today announced that it has been chosen by AlwaysOn as one of the GoingGreen Top 100 Winners.

Inclusion in the GoingGreen 100 signifies major developments in the creation of new business opportunities in the green technology industries. Tobias Green was specially selected by the AlwaysOn editorial team and industry experts spanning the globe based on a set of five criteria: innovation, market potential, commercialization, stakeholder value, and media buzz.

Tobias Green Interior Wall Finish, Inc. and the GoingGreen Top 100 Companies were honored at GoingGreen West on September 14th - 16th, 2009 at Cavallo Point in Sausalito, CA. This two-and-a-half-day executive event featured CEO presentations and high-level debates on the most promising emerging green technologies and new entrepreneurial opportunities.

“The GoingGreen Top 100 winners have excelled in key strategic areas in the global clean energy technology markets,” said Tony Perkins, founder and CEO of AlwaysOn. “We congratulate them for their success in introducing new tools, services, and systems that are driving the next phase of green tech innovation and transforming the biggest industries on earth.” Winners were selected from among hundreds of other technology companies nominated by investors, bankers, journalists and industry insiders. The AlwaysOn editorial team conducted a rigorous three-month selection process to finalize the 2009 list.

Tobias Green Interior Wall Finish, is a proprietary blend of both post consumer recycled and minimally processed materials combined in a single component product. Tobias has superior workability for a high production rate, saving time and increasing profitability. Recently, Tobias has formed a strategic manufacturing agreement with, Sto Corp. an ISO 14001 (environmental management) and ISO 9001 certified company, with the goal of cutting freight emissions and costs to its distributor network throughout North America. Sto Corp has four manufacturing facilities located in Arizona, Georgia, Vermont and New Mexico.

About Tobias Green Interior Wall Finish
Tobias Green provides a modern, consistent, easy to use product that has an immediate and measurable impact on the indoor air quality of buildings. Tobias Greens’ non-VOC and post consumer recycled content can help projects with LEED credit achievement.

About AlwaysOn
AlwaysOn ignited the open-media revolution in early 2003 by being the first media brand to launch a global blog network. In 2004, AlwaysOn continued to lead the media industry in innovation by introducing a social network where members can connect and engage. AlwaysOn is also revolutionizing the media business by applying its open-media principles to its executive event series (Summit at Stanford, OnMedia, OnHollywood, OnDC, GoingGreen East and West, Venture Summit East and West) and quarterly print “blogozine” by empowering its members to post and share their ideas and meet each other online. As our loyal readers know, AlwaysOn is committed to the free-market, merit-driven approach to reporting and event programming. No other media brand has dared to create such open interaction with its readers and event participants.


Tobias McGraw Hill Construction - GreenSource

Tobias Green Interior Wall Finishes is a nontoxic and odorless alternative to paints and other smooth coatings, and has a VOC content of 1 percent. The batter-like mixture is available in a wide variety of multi-pigmented shades that provide visual depth and evoke strength...

Tobias Ecostructure - Wall Finish is Environmentally Friendly

Tobias Green Wall Finishes is a trowlled-on wall finish that is non toxic, odor free, & mold resisitant, environmentally safe and has 1 VOC. An alternative to paint or plaster it can be applied in several techniques to achieve a variety of textures. The broad spectrum of multi-pigmented shades requires minimal preparation.

Tobias Press Democrat -Stuck on Stucco, by Meg McConahey

She'd enlisted venerable Wine Country designer and artist Randolph Johnson to re-do what to many is the heart and soul of a home. But after getting an eyeful of her new, smooth, Old-World-style plaster walls in their rich shade of Sienna gold contrasted with a straw-colored ceiling, she found herself with a serious dilemma...


Tobias Materialicious - Tobias Green Interior Wall Finishes

Tobias Green Interior Wall Finishes created by artist Randolph Johnson, is an eco-friendly, trowled-on wall finish. It is non-toxic, odor free, with a VOC of 1, and with the broad spectrum of multi pigmented shades on offer, it presents a beautiful alternative to traditional paints or plasters...

Tobias Interiors & Sources - Excellence in Commercial Design

Tobias Green Interior Wall Finishes is a non-toxic, odor free, mold resisitant mixture that is a superb alternative to paint or plaster. Easily applied to common building substrates, Tobias Green's water-based elastomeric, single component mixture requires minimal preparation and creates a warm environment that conjurs subtle structural strength and achieves a variety of textures.

Tobias Natural Home & Garden

Ad for Natural Home & Garden periodical.

Tobias Boutique Design

Write up in Boutique Design "The Trends In Miami and Paris".

Tobias Green Building Blocks

Write up in "Green Building Blocks", product infromation from BuildingGreen, Inc.

Tobias The Creative Handbook

Ad in "The Creative Handbook, trade publication.

Tobias Environmental Design & Construction

Ad for Environmental Design & Construction, the Premier Source for Integrated Hi-Performance Building.

AWCI - Association of the Wall & Ceiling Industry

Magazine Ad for "Construction Dimensions", Published For Contractors By The Association Of Walls and Ceilings

Tobias Building Green

Ad for buildinggreen.com.


The Story

Tobias Green Interior Wall Finishes was created by artist/designer Randolph Johnson in 1990 for a new home he designed and had built for his family...

Refusing to use paint or plaster on the interior walls, he reached for an esthetic in his minds eye.  An alchemist at heart, he dug into his amply stocked pantry of compounds and pigments and created what is currently, nationally acclaimed as new best product of the year by Interiors and Sources Magazine and has inclusion in the prestigious 2007 Green Spec Directory, produced by Building Green and published by McGraw- Hill.

Mr. Johnson’s design work created the perfect platform for test marketing Tobias Green as it was included in all of his projects for over a decade. While producing the product from the family garage, other designers began requesting to use Tobias on their projects.  With the launch of a dynamic new website, Tobias Green (named for the families deceased dog) leaped into national distribution mode.

Running neck and neck as the company’s key to success is Tobias’ low VOC-green aspects and innovative qualities. The newly named; Tobias Green Interior Wall Finishes, Inc., is revolutionizing an industry that has become accustomed to a more traditional, labor intensive method  for achieving a similar high- end look and quality. Embraced by plasterers across the country for its ease of application, Tobias Green is well on its way to becoming the wall finish of choice by conscientious design & building professionals.

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