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Color Palette

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Architectural Details

Tobias Geen Interior Wall Finishes can be used for a variety of interiors from wall and ceiling finishes to stone facades and architectural details. Tobias’ cake-batter consistency, integral color and viscosity make installation easy for the professional craftsman.


  • Fireplace
  • Archway
  • Kitchen Hood
  • Ceiling
Fireplace Detail


Bring the warmth of the hearth to the facade of the fireplace… Easily applied to most common substrates, Tobias Green offers a variety of texture and color that will compliment any interior environment.



Compliment the arch with the finish it deserves… Tobias Green Wall Finish will enhance the look of the arch’s inherent structural strength. Add Tobias Green Stain to accent and create variations on columns and capitals. Apply Tobias Green Wax for a subtle sheen.

Kitchen Hood

Kitchen Hood

Embellish the kitchen hood with Tobias Green to create an authentic stone or contemporary look. Apply Tobias Green Stain to create variations. Easy to apply over plywood, sheetrock, moldings or medallions.



Add depth and personality to ceilings with a range of texture and color. Apply Tobias Green Wall Finish over moldings and sculpted shapes to transform ceilings into works of art.


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